Quasar Brand Kit

We're excited to share Quasar's UI Kit with you, which includes a variety of assets to help showcase our project. Inside, you'll find logos, visuals, and other materials that you can use in accordance with our brand guidelines.

Please make sure to follow the usage guidelines provided. If you require any additional materials or assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help and happy to support your efforts in promoting Quasar!

Logo Spacing

The height of the lowercase text in “Quasar” can be used as a measurement to ensure the logo is surrounded by a sufficient amount of space to maintain maximum legibility and contrast.


Logo Sizing

To ensure proper visibility, there are multiple versions of the logo that can be used to accommodate a range of applications. The full logo lockup should always be rendered at least 50px tall.

logo-sizing full
logo-sizing fulllogo-sizing full


Full Color Logo

The full color logo and logomark should always be used when the setting supports full color display.


quasar full logo


quasar full logo light

Single Color Logo

Single color logos should only be used in settings where color is not possible. The single color logo should also be used in settings that only support limited color palettes or greyscale.


quasar grayscale light


quasar grayscale black

Logomark & Thumbnail

The logomark should only be used in applications where the full logo would be too large to fit (thumbnails, profile photos, etc.). The logomark may also be used as a supporting design element in cases where the ‘Quasar’ name and brand has already been established.


quasar logomark

Quasar thumbnail