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Interested in collaborating with Quasar on bringing Interchain Vaults to life?

Quasar offers select chains the ability to join in on a journey of creating the future of IBC Grants - Quasar Interchain Grants Program! Quasar and Strategy Destination Chain split the grant cost for strategy creation 50/50 - Strategists apply for grants, deploy the contracts on Quasar and bring liquidity and volume to the destination chain. A win for all.

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Quasar x Osmosis Grant Program


Quasar and Osmosis have joined forces to launch our Interchain Grants Program to fund top-notch teams interested in building decentralized asset management vaults for Osmosis.

The Quasar chain was developed to enable the development of IBC-enabled vaults built using CosmWasm smart contracts. Our vaults leverage IBC’s Interchain Accounts (ICA) and Interchain Queries (ICQ) applications to execute strategies across chains using IBC.

The successful development of new vaults will bring increases to TVL, decreases to TVL volatility, and improved capital efficiency for the Osmosis ecosystem.

How it works?

Applications to the Interchain Grants Program will be assessed based on the quality of the team’s demonstrated capabilities and the vault strategies they propose.

Once teams have been selected, Quasar will match Osmosis’s funding for vault creation.

Ideal strategies will actively trade on the Osmosis AMM and utilize other Osmosis applications while providing depositors with an experience similar to a passive LP position with steady and predictable returns.